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Roberto Clemente Kelloggs Corn Flakes Box Roberto Clemente Kelloggs Corn Flakes Box
He is simply a legend. Many years after his death, he is still a role model to many - young and old. If this box were full, the cereal would be stale, but the collectibility of this classic is not!! Since it was only available in Puerto Rico, this box is written in mostly Spanish. A very difficult commemorative box to find!! This box is graded in near mint condition.
Roberto Clemente Kelloggs Corn Flakes Box


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Year Box Price
1991 Post Honeycomb: Baseball Card Offer
(Henderson, Clark, Griffey, Sandberg - cards on back)
1992 Kellogg's Raisin Bran: Olympic Dream Team
(Bird, Robinson, Malone, Mullin, Stockton)
1993 Kellogg's Corn Flakes: Roberto Clemente (only available in Puerto Rico) $45
1995 Wheaties: 30th Anniversary of the Superbowl (Starr, Bradshaw & Aikman) $15
1995 Frosted Mini-Wheats: Grant Hill (maroon - Rookie of the Year)* $10
1995 Wheaties: 75th Anniversary of the NFL $20
1995 Wheaties: Oakland Raiders* $20
1996 Honey Frosted Wheaties: Deion Sanders $15
1996 Wheaties: All Pro Quarterbacks (Aikman, Elway & Marino)* $15
1996 Wheaties: All Pro Running Backs (Allen, Sanders & Thomas)* $15
1996 Wheaties 'N Raisins: Steve Young* $10
1996 Honey Frosted Wheaties: Griffey Jr.* $15
1996 Honey Frosted Wheaties: Griffey Jr. (mini - 7 oz.)* $8
1996 Wheaties: Space Jam - Jordan* $20
1996 Wheaties: S.F. 49'ers - 50th Anniversary (Steve Young)* $25
1996 Wheaties 'N Raisins: Olympics (rings logo) $5
1996 Wheaties: U.S. Olympic Team - (set of 5 boxes) $50
1996 Wheaties: U.S. Olympic Team -
(set of 5 includes 1 autograph of Jaycie Phelps)
1996 Wheaties: Baltimore Ravens $20
1996 Wheaties: Negro Leagues - 75th Year $15
1996 Wheaties: New York Yankees - American League Champs $25
1996 Honey Frosted Wheaties: Superbowl 3D Replays: Troy Aikman* $10
1996 Wheaties 'N Raisins: Superbowl 3D Replays: Steve Young* $10
1996 Wheaties: Northwestern Univ. - Big Ten Champs $20
1996 Wheaties: New England Patriots $20
1996 Wheaties: Special Olympics - Toftum & Stillings $20
1997 Wheaties: Jackie Robinson - 50th Year* $10
1997 Wheaties & Raisins: Jackie Robinson - 50th Year* $10
1997 Wheaties, Honey Frosted: Jackie Robinson - 50th Year* $10
1997 Wheaties: Green Bay Packers - Super Bowl Champs $20
1997 Wheaties & Raisins: Dale Earnhardt (photo) (factory flat) $20
1997 Wheaties: Tom Osborne (U. of Nebraska) 25th Anniversary $20
1997 Wheaties: 1980 U.S. Hockey Team $10
1997 Wheaties & Raisins: Eric Heiden 1980 (factory flat) $15
1997 Honey Frosted Wheaties: Kristi Yamaguchi 1992 $10
1997 Wheaties: Johnny Unitas (Leroy Nieman Prints) (vg) $10
1997 Wheaties: All Star Outfielders (Bonds, Griffey, Gwynn)* $10
1997 Wheaties: Nick & Marc Buoniconti (factory flat) $25
1997 Post Frosted Shredded Wheat: Penny Hardaway $10
1998 Kellogg's Rice Krispies: Grant Hill $10
1998 Team Cheerios: DeLaSalle (Concord, CA) Football (photo on back) $15
1998 Wheaties: Tiger Woods - "Our Newest Champion" (factory flat) $15
1998 Wheaties & Raisins: Tiger Woods - "Our Newest Champion" (factory flat) $15
1998 Wheaties, Honey Frosted: Tiger Woods (holding trophy) -
"Our Newest Champion" (factory flat)
1998 Wheaties: Tiger Woods - "3 Golf Balls Free" (factory flat) $15
1998 Wheaties & Raisins: Tiger Woods (squatting) -
"3 Golf Balls Free" (factory flat)
1998 Wheaties: All Stars - Alomar, Piazza, Ripken (2, 1 = factory flat) $15
1998 Wheaties, Honey Frosted: All Stars - Garciaparra, Maddux, Rodriguez (factory flat) $15
1998 Wheaties & Raisins: All Stars - Martinez, McGwire, Thomas (factory flat) $15
1998 Wheaties: Power Hitters - Griffey, McGwire, Martinez (factory flat) $20
1998 Wheaties: Auto Racing - Jimmy Vasser/Alex Zanardi (factory flat) $20
1998 Wheaties: Mark McGwire* $20

*Most boxes are empty and flat. However, those marked above (*) are available both empty and full.

Trades will be considered for sports-related cereal boxes we don't already have.


Year Bottle Price
1993 Baltimore Orioles - All Star Game at Camden Yards $8 each
1993 Colorado Rockies - Inaugural Season $6 each
Best of the Bay (set of 6) - Golden State Warriors
- Oakland A's
- Oakland Raiders
- S.F. 49'ers
- S.F. Giants
- San Jose Sharks
1993 Best of the Bay (single bottle): San Jose Sharks $6 each
1993 Phoenix Suns 25th Anniversary (Jerry Colangelo signature) $6 each
1993 Seasons Greetings - Santa Claus $3 each
World Cup (set of 6) - Argentina
- Brazil
- Germany
- Italy
- Mexico
1994 World Cup (single bottle): USA Flag $5 each
1994 Super Bowl XXVIII, Georgia Dome, Atlanta $5 each
1995 Cleveland Cavs vs. Houston Rockets $8 each
1996 Super Bowl XXX $5 each
1998 Hot August Nights - Reno 98 $5 each


1975 UCLA Bruins Basketball (7-Up) (empty) $8 each
1994 San Jose Sharks (Pepsi long neck) $5 each

COLOR PHOTO OF BABE RUTH - This 1948 photo shows the Bambino on his last trip to Hollywood on the set of "The Babe Ruth Story" as a technical advisor. Accompanying him is the actor William Bendix who portrayed the Babe in the movie. When the photo was taken, color photography was not what it is today, so the colors are not quite as sharp. The most pronounced color is the blue of the Yankee uniform sleeves.

Since 1948 is also the year that Babe Ruth passed away, this is one of the last photos taken of the great Sultan of Swat. Each photo is professionally matted, individually hand-numbered and is limited to a run of 714!!

ONLY $125.00


These beautifully designed mirrors contain from 5 to 8 images of the players. They are given to shop owners as point of purchase displays and are not usually available to the general public. (Add $9.95 for postage & handling) 

1992 Willie Mays $75
1994 Ernie Banks $50
1995 Willie Stargell $50
1996 Whitey Ford $50
1997 Roy Campanella $50
1998 Satchel Paige $50
1999 Pete Rose $50

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